200 g coarsely ground salt
Peel of 2 lemons (organic)
1 handful of celery leaves


The lemon peel should be cut quite thin.

Chop the Lemon peel and the celery leaves until fine.  Mix everything with the salt.

In the meantime preheat the oven. Leave an empty baking tray inside. When the temperature reaches 100°C, take out the baking tray, put some cookie paper on it and spread your salt mixture on top.

Reduce the heat to 50°C and – with the oven-door slightly open – let the aromatic salt dry perfectly within 3 to 4 hours. Stir it from time to time to keep it crumbly and to help the drying process.

Feel free to experiment with the ingredients. Almost everything can be nice. For example only rosemary and salt will make a very good spice as well. If you create a nice and tasty combination – please share it here in the comments below.

This salt is super delicious on fresh bread with a little butter or margarine and also on cooked potatoes.

Give it a try and tell us how things went in your kitchen.

Foto: Sellerie-Zitronen-Salz

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