Pumpkin Soup


For this simple and delicious soup you need:

One hokkaido pumpkin, 500 g of carrots, one onion, a pice of ginger, vegetable stock, salt, chili flakes, soured cream, parsley or basel.

Peel the vegetables and chop. There is no need to peel hokkaido pumpkin, only take out the seeds . Cover with vegetable stock and boil for 20 min. Put the mixture in a blender and give it though a sieve. Add some soured cream and may be some vegetable stock.Spice up with salt and chili….Topping is choped parsley or basel. Also nice are trops of pumpkin oil, roasted pumpkin seeds, a bit of parmesan.

Something else you can find in your garden at this time of the year:

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